Top 5 WhatsApp Mods That You Must Try Out

Want to know, what are the Top 5 WhatsApp Mods? Well if the answer is yes then keep reading this article.

A lot of android users choose Whatsapp Mods over official Whatsapp Messenger. Why? The reason behind this is that the Whatsapp mods provide quite a lot of features than the official version and that’s what attracts the eyes of android users. Each one of those mods are competitors of each other.

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Now, the question arises is which one is best? Well just to answer this questions, we thought about making a list of 5 top mods of WhatsApp. So let’s just go ahead and check them out:


GBWhatsApp is one of the most popular Whatsapp mod on the Internet. Why? Just because It offers quite a lot of features and comes with amazing themes and fonts. It allows you to copy other contacts’ status to the clipboard and download status images & videos. It can also be installed along with the official whatsapp application. It even supports multiple languages including Hindi, English, French, Spanish, etc and comes with the 24 hours online feature. The GBwhatsapp mod also allows you to send more than 10 images in one go without loss of Picture Quality . Also, the video sending limit for the GBWhatsApp is 50 MB instead of 15 MB. A lot more you need to explore yourself.


Now, we have the NSWhatsApp mod which one is also one of the famous yet top whatsapp mod available on the internet. If we talk about the features, well including all the features of GBWhatsapp, NSWhatsApp comes with many group settings. There is an autoreply feature which automatically sends Messages when you are busy. Also, there are lots of customizations options are available. This includes customization of bubble icons, fonts, themes, launcher icon, chat heads, etc . Also, it has lots of other privacy settings which keep your conversation safe & secure. A lot more you can check out if you download the NSWhatsApp, you can go to NSWhatsApp download page.


YOWhatsApp is another great WhatsApp Mod that you can try out. It comes with multiple language support including hindi, English , Portuguese , Spanish, etc and lets you copy other contacts’ status on the clipboard. Just like the GBWhatsApp, you can send videos up to 50 MB instead of 15 MB without any issues. It also comes with a call blocker feature which allows you to choose who can call you on WhatsApp. As well there are lots of customizations options are available. Such as you can change group participant name color, themes, fonts, various icons, etc. More features are needed to be explored.


OGWhatsApp is one of top whatsapp mod out there on the internet. It has an amazing feature which allows you to create 2 or 3 OGWhatsApp Accounts on an android device. With the help of this mod, you will be able to hide your online, typing, recording status. Furthermore, it also allows you to hide blue and second ticks. As well as you can share any files with your contacts using OGWhatsApp. It also includes various customization option which you can explore yourself.

WhatsApp Plus:

At last, we have the WhatsApp plus mod. This is also a popular whatsapp mod and you might be familiar of it. It comes with lots of customization options. It is anti ban whatsapp mod which prevents your account from getting ban and has lots of privacy features to keep you secure. With the help of this mod, you will be able to send images and videos without compression. You can even add upto 156 members in a single whatsapp group. A lot more features are needed to be explored.

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Final Verdict-

So those were the Top 5 Whatsapp Mods. So far we have shared some information about each mods, more you need to explore. So, Try out them and explore the amazing features inside them.

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  1. Hey you’re right at your place but every app steal your data even google knows everything about u. It means if u want privacy then you should leave using ur smartphone🙂

    Hope it clears

    Ps-Those apps are just for educational purpose they not pay me for promotion🙂

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