Create WhatsApp Account With U.S. Number 2018 (100% Working Method)

Create Whatsapp Account With US Numbers

Create whatsapp account with US number? Is it real, Is it possible, How can you do it? I know many question are came to your mind after reading the above sentence but guys its 100% real. You can easily create whatsapp account with US number. You can easily get Fake Whatsapp Number. This is little bit difficult but not so hard. Anyone can do it easily. Nowadays namy people are making Whatsapp account with US number and start pranking their friends. Also many times my friends pranked me by their US number. So are you also wanna make Your whatsapp Account With U.S. Number? I’m Sure you want 🙂 So i will tell you the successful and working way to create whatsapp account with U.S. number starting with +1

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I want to tell you that you can not only use whatsapp account, you can use any social account with the US number.

Pro Tip-Not Only Whatsapp You Can Use Any App Which need OTP verification by U.S. number 🙂

I will also share you the video tutorial to get a Virtual U.S. number.If you are Whatsapp addicted then you will also like to check best Whatsapp Group Names.

For all of this you need an U.S. number first. So now the question is how you can get a U.S. number for verification of your whatsapp account. You can use the U.S. number if you are the resident of United States. But there are some apps available on play store which provides you free virtual U.S. number for use.]

You can also use GB WhatsApp for run 2 whatsapp account at same time. Or you can also hide your online status, blue tick, second tick. And in the Gb whatsapp Their are tons of Free and cool theme available.

As you know their are many ways to get a U.S. number by these type of apps or if you find on google then you can see many ways to create whatsapp account with A US number. But only some of them are working. But i will tell you the working way to get A WhatsApp account with US number.

You will get any country number on Google but that are used by Public.. means with same number, already there are so many accounts created. So that you can’t able to enjoy freely with that numbers. So what if you will get your own private US number? Yep! it sounds interesting.

By this method, you will get your own USA number and no need to use any public mobile number for your Whatsapp. You can receive text messages on that number from anyone and from any country.

Benefit Of Creating Whatsapp Account With US Number-

  • More privacy
  • No one can spam you by calling on your number
  • No one can know your real number
  • You can also prank your friend
  • More secure

Feature Of Whatsapp U.S number-

  • Totally free
  • Hide your main number
  • working with any android device soomthly
  • You get a whatsapp account with +1

How To Create WhatsApp Account With USA Number?

So here’s the time to create the whatsapp account by US number. This trick is also known as Use whatsapp without number. Because in this method you didn’t need any of your number. So let’s start getting the US number.

As, you all knows Voxox Whatsapp Trick is banned now, but we searched another way by which you will get USA Whatsapp fake number.

1) First, download and install 2nd Line app on your Android-

Download 2nd Line

create whatsapp with U.S. number

2) Open the app and Signup new account by entering Email and Password.

create whatsapp with U.S. number

3). Now it will ask you to complete captcha code just complete it.

create whatsapp with U.S. number

4). After that it will ask you to enter Area code Just enter “431” in the Area code.

create whatsapp with U.S. number

5). Finally it will ask you to enter choose any number on the given number.

create whatsapp with U.S. number

6). Booyah! You’ve successfully got the U.S. number now its the time to verify your whatsapp account with the U.S. number.

7). Now, all you need to do is, Copy your number and make new account on Whatsapp with it. You will receive Confirmation message (OTP) in 2nd line app (Second number option for reading Messages).

Complete Video Guide To Get A U.S. Number By 2nd Line App-

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Final Verdict-

So, this is the latest working method to create Whatsapp account with U.S. number. I, hope you successfully created account using this simplest way. If you stuck anywhere in the post then feel free to ask us in comment section. I will try my best to help you. I’m also using the same U.S. number for whatsapp account and you can also use by following the above method.

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