How To Disable Whatsapp “Message Seen” Blue Tick For Read Messeges

Trick To Disable Whatsapp Blue Tick

How to disable whatsapp blue tick, Why I can’t see blue ticks on WhatsApp?, How do you know if someone has read your message on WhatsApp?, How do I hide my last seen on WhatsApp?, What does it mean on WhatsApp when the ticks go blue?

Hey Fellas wassup…!! Today I’m gonna tell you how to disable whatsapp “blue ticks” seen feature on iphone and android.

how to disable whatsapp

Are You Want To Hide Your Blue Tick From Whatsapp And Want To Read Messages Without Knowing Them. You can Disable whatsapp blue ticks in just one click. No need to learn any thing hard. So I think it’s just waste of time if I keep writing blaa blaa about this topic or whatsapp Tricks. So lets directly come to the point how we can disable whatsapp blue ticks.

For Android –

Step 1 :- First of all go to your phones settings and then enable or tick that ‘Allow unknown sources’.

Step 2 :- Now you have to go to whatsapp official website and then download this apk file and install it ( this will install the latest version of whatsapp on your phone).


Step 3 :- Now once you have installed that apk file then open whatsapp and then go to whatsapp settings.

Step 4 :- Now click on Account and then tap on Privacy.

Step 5 :- Now you can see a new feature has been added named as ‘Read Receipts’ just disable or turn off this read receipts feature this will automatically disable blue ticks on whatsapp messages.


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For iPhone –

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Step 1 :- First of all open your whatsapp and then go to your whatsapp settings.


Step 2 :- Now click on ‘Action’ and then tap on ‘Privacy’.

Step 3 :- Now just turn off this ‘Read Receipts‘ option.
That’s all… 😊

So it the best and simple way to disable this blue tick feature in whatsapp. You Can Also Download GbWhatsapp For Cool Features/Themes. I Will Write That Post Earlier.


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