Sandes APK Download | Made-in-India WhatsApp Alternative | Android,IOS

Sandes APK Download

Sandes App | WhatsApp Replacement by Govt of India

Whatsapp Alternative, WhatsApp Alternative Of Made in India, Sandes APK download: Sandes, an Indian government alternative to WhatsApp, It’s Available on Android and IOS Already, Also the Web version launched. It’s time for made-in-India apps. How To Download Sandes app, everything you need to know.

SANDES Messaging App Hands-On & Best Features Desi WhatsApp Alternative Is Here, Similar to WhatsApp and other major instant messaging apps, Sandes (which means message in Hindi) says it uses end-to-end encrypted communication

Sandes App Best Features:

  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Audio and video calls.
  • Multimedia and file sharing.
  • Contact sharing.
  • Message styling.
  • Tagging.
  • Chat backup.
  • National Informatics Centre has launched Sandes.
  • Add your birthday and professional details in Sandes app.
  • Use your mail address to register on Sandes.
  • Sandes offers a secure platform. …
  • Chatbox and Log out available in Sandes.

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How To Download Sandes App | Android, IOS, Web

After Tiktok and PUBG Banned, the Indian Government Now Move Forward to using Made India Apps and uninstall Chinese apps, but WhatsApp is not a Chinese app after all. but after WhatsApp’s new privacy policy all in clear, it is said that from February WhatsApp users all data will be shared with Facebook and some of the 3rd party companies.

To Consider Indian users all data privacy Indian government launched Whatsapp alternatives called sandes. The government, which had written to WhatsApp last month to withdraw the proposed changes to its privacy rules and had sought clarifications on a set of queries from it, told the court that the companies can’t share data of users which must be protected. WhatsApp and Facebook refuted allegations of data sharing

  • Download Sandes App
  • Compatible on Android Version 5.0 or above.
  • Android App Size: 29MB

  • Compatible on Android Version 5.0 or above.
  • IOS App Size: 62MB
  • Compatible on iOS Version 11 or above.
  • Download Sandes App –

Sandes Apk Download For Android

Sandes Apk Download For IOS

  • Government Instant Messaging System

The government hasn’t yet provided any clarity on how it is planning to use Sandes. But nonetheless, given the features the app currently has and its scope being a government platform, it could be adopted by individuals against global messaging apps including WhatsApp

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