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Transfer WhatsApp Messages To Telegram

On Internet Privacy Is Myth Now. You should know that WhatsApp is changing their privacy policy so that it can harvest more of your personal data. They Will share your harvested personal data with Facebook and whoever they decide to. This change is in effect from February 2021. The data they collect to share will include your private messages.Transfer WhatsApp Messages To Telegram After facing plenty of backlash from users, and many having switched to other messaging clients, WhatsApp announced that its updated privacy policy will come into effect at a later date. The changes were originally set for February 8th but have now been postponed to May 15th.

Why Do You Need To Shift On Telegram?

  • “We believe that people are smart enough to choose what is best for them. And, judging by the half a billion people using Telegram, this belief is justified,” he said. Not just Telegram but another encrypted messaging app Signal has seen a surge in new sign-ins after Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk vouched for it.

Is Telegram Good For Privacy?

  • Most chats (Cloud chats) on Telegram are securely encrypted while in transit between your devices and Telegram’s servers. Once chat messages arrive at the Telegram servers, they are encrypted using MTProto while at rest on the servers
  • Telegram groups are not encrypted because Secret Chats are only supported for single-user communication. Moreover, Telegram’s desktop client doesn’t support E2E encryption on any platform other than macOS. The signal is by far the best when it comes to security, be it on the back-end or the user-facing side of the service

Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Telegram on Android

1. Open the WhatsApp chat you want to transfer to Telegram.

2. Tap on the three dots on your screen’s top right corner and select more.

3. Tap Export ChatTransfer WhatsApp Messages To Telegram

4. The pop-up will ask you to restore with or without media. (Please select the option as per your preference as it will increase chat export size.)

5. Select Telegram from the Share menu

6. It will show you your telegram contacts, pick the same users and select Import.

Once done, you’d be able to see that particular WhatsApp chat on Telegram. Presently, you can only move conversations one by one, there’s no way to move them over in bulk. You can also export group chats using the same method.

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Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Telegram on iOS

  1. Open the chat you want to transfer and tap the area right beside the profile picture of contact on the top.
  2. Select Export Chat and then Telegram in the Share menu.
  3. There’s also a faster way to achieve this by going to WhatsApp’s main chat screen and then swiping left on a chat and then tapping Export Chat.
  4. The messages that you import will include original timestamps and come with a flag at the bottom that says ‘Imported’.
  • Another point to note here is that messages and media moved to Telegram will not hold extra space on your smartphone. Users can also optimize storage space and check cache size by tapping the Data and Storage Usage tab in Settings. It is a great way to keep your chats and media without going to check in back and forth between two apps.
  • Let us know in the comment section if you have used the imported feature and is it useful for you.

You Can Apply Same Whatsapp Theme On Telegram

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How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages With Media From Android To iOS For Free

  • Backup all data to google drive,
  • Then install WhatsApp on the second device,
  • Sign in with the same number, restore a backup from google drive.
  • You will get all data from an older device.

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