WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy,Terms of Service | All You Need To Know

WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy

WhatsApp updated its Terms of Service and privacy policies late Tuesday evening, 5th December 2020. While the pop-up terms and conditions forced users to agree to its new privacy policy or else users can risk losing their account access.

WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy

Welcome to Coolztrick.com I hope you’ all are doing well, Today We’re Going to share all information about WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy

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WhatsApp Terms Of Service | Privacy Is Myth

  • WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy
  • Your Privacy is Myth after its new privacy policy update.
  • From 8th February WhatsApp will be started sharing further data with its parent company Facebook.
    • WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy
  • Freely now WhatsApp will be sharing now all users data to Facebook and Instagram
  • Users have to accept the terms and service of this new policy by February 8, 2021, or delete their accounts.

Misinformation 1: Does WhatsApp now share my messages with Facebook?

Answer: No.

Explanation: The new policy does not change how WhatsApp deals with personal chats, which will continue to remain end-to-end encrypted. This means no third-party can still read these chats. “We do not retain your messages in the ordinary course of providing our Services to you.

WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy

Misinformation 2: Does WhatsApp share my location with Facebook?

Answer: Only approximate location information.

Explanation: The locations of WhatsApp users are again, protected between the sender and the receiver. if you share your location with your friend on WhatsApp that information will not go to Facebook but

However, WhatsApp does gather approximate location data which is given away by your phone number and IP address. Note that this is something the app can share with Facebook. WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy

WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy

Misinformation 3: Does WhatsApp now own the content, media files that I’ve shared on the app?

Answer: No.

Explanation: The content you share with your friends, family, and colleagues over WhatsApp in the form of pictures, videos, and audio files are a part of your chat history and remain end-to-end encrypted, just like your text messages. WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy

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Best Alternatives of Whatsapp 

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  • Signal


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