What Did You Learn Too Late In Life?

What Did you Learn Late in Life? Apart From Blogging When Nobody Around Me, I just have one question in my mind, That what to do for my future. I have a very busy schedule in my life. I have only nights and holidays for my blogging work and other personal work. I was do lot of shitty things which wasted my time alot and i’m Sure That you’re doing the same which i was do earlier but now life changed.

What Did You Learn Late

Ask Yourself, The Memes You Look on Facebook, Doing Bakchodi In Fb Groups. The Cool Stories of Others Lives you see on Instagram & Stalking Your Crush, The Stupid Car-Music SnapChat Stories.. Is it Worth It ? It’ll just make you feel More Depressed seeing all that.

  • Don’t fall in love.

Ask me, I fell for this Girl in AUG 2017 and I was So attached with her that I wasted a Lot of time using Social Media for her post Updates, Waiting for her WhatsApp Replies, You’ll lose your sleep and you’ll go out of your limits to make things happen and You have no idea how much it hurts watching her with someone else so PLEASE DON’T. Never Fall in One Sided Love.

  • Watch Out for Your Health.

Eat Properly Eat Healthy, Hit the Gym.

I’m 5′8″ and 48.80KG and I feel Awkward going to Places maybe because of that reason so I decided to Change it and Hit the Gym and Eat Properly. Lets see the Results in Next 1 Year.

  • Read, Read Anything you Find Interesting ( I’m not talking about erotic novels here) No matter how or where you read it.
  • Learn How to Dress. It matters. If you Dress Properly ( Good Fitting, Good Color, etc ) You’ll feel confident.
  • If Spending Money on Yourself will Improve You. DO IT.
  • Know Your Limits with People. Not everyone you consider your friend will have the same sense of humor so be careful what you speak to them.
  • Give Priority to FAMILY and Close Friends who will be there when you need them.
  • LEARN TO SAY NO ( It’s hard for me but I try. )
  • Never Spend Money on People who don’t deserve it.
    • DON’T JUST READ THIS POST COMMENT ME YOUR FEELINGS. It makes me write happy and encourages to write more.

Final Verdict-

So that’s All For today. Hope You Guys Liked this Post. If you’re really Enjoyed Then Share it With Your friends And tell Me In Comment Section That Which Thing wasted your time much And Why you wasted Your time.

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  1. I can understand your feelings buddy. I have the same feelings but what can we do besides watching her with someone else. If she is happy with that guy then why not. I am happy to see smile on her face. And the other things you mentioned in this post has an empect on me. I’ll try to chnge some of my habbits now. Good luck for your next One.

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