Mcent:Trick to Earn 107rs in all Mcent users


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Mcent:Trick to Earn 107rs in all Mcent users

Hai,hello guys all the welcome to CoolzTrick website. Now I am back with a new trick that will give mcent account fill with a 107rs/- easily with simple phonpe’s not a kidding ya this trick is really working.We ate notify our whatapp broadcast members they give me a best complement as work Loot!!.If you are nit join still in whatapp broadcast just join in our whatapp Boardcast by sending msg to 8297085983.So now I want to share as a official. So read the full post to earn 107rs/- by using Phonepe offer and get mcent balance.

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Mcent Trick To Earn 107 Rs In Every Existing Mcent Account :-

1)Open device emulator app,

2)Now Edit package name of PhonePe app to

3)Now Change all the values To Random Values.

4)Don’t Forget to Delete PhoneApp If its already Installed In your Device.

5)Now download PhonePe app from Mcent.

6)Then open PhonePe app And register your number. You can Login your Existing Mcent Account.

7)Now after Verification, go back to mcent & then Open PhonePe offer, It will show Mcent Offer is completed & 2nd step will show that is it will show SEND MONEY and get 107 rs.

8)Now click on that. And send 1rs in any PhonePe account, You can Send 1 Rs to your phonePe account from any other Account also.

9)Keep the screen on for 5 to 6 min. You will get notification that you have earned 107 Mcent Credits.

10)If You are Still not Getting It, close the Both apps and go to Mcent. Your reward will be credited In 2 mins.

11) In Worst Case Click On Send money and send 1 Rs Again.

12)Now check your Mcent account it will fill with a 107rs/-

Note – We Received Mcent in 6 Min.

This trick is for educational purposes only,Did not Make any harmful to any one.

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