Flipkart Affiliate Program | A Complete Guide To Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Hi Folks, In this post I will share with you how I earn from Flipkart and how you can also replicate the same success step-by-step and make money from Flipkart affiliate for yourself. But before starting let me tell you what is flipkart affiliate and how can you earn with it. If you have A facebook group with lots of active members, A site Or any other way to promote, Then you can earn a lot of money from only flipkart.

What Is Flipkart Affiliate-

The Flipkart affiliate program is a great way for you to earn commissions by placing product banners or links on your website to refer users to the Flipkart.com website.  You can earn commission every time whenever any of your friend, relatives, followers makes purchase using your link. You can earn upto 15% commission from flipkart Affiliate program.

As you know many Indian users use flipkart on shop online. If you can drive traffic to your affiliate links than you can easily earn enough to live happily( even more). I Strongly suggest you to join flipkart affiliate program.

Note- Flipkart Affiliate Is Free You Don’t Have To Pay Anything For A Flipkart Affiliate Account.

To make money through Flipkart, you don’t need to be a seller, you just need Flipkart’s affiliate account. You can Also Buy Products for your own use at cheaper price. Let me tell you how it works.

How Flipkart Affiliate Works-

This Is the skmei watch and flipkart selling it at Rs 485. So i just makes a affiliate link of this product and ordered for my own with an flipkart account.

Here’s flipkart gives 10% commission on watches So i get Rs. 48.5 commission in my flipkart affiliate account. as shown below.

So now you have an idea how flipkart affiliates works. So Are you interesting in this? I’m sure you’re pretty interesting in this Affiliate earning So let’s get started with the Flipkart Affiliate.

As Flipkart has huge range of products, it has classified its products into categories, like electronics, books, clothing… and so on. Affiliate commission of each category is specified by Flipkart from time to time. The commission percentage can be found in your affiliate account under commission tab; usually it ranges from 1% to 15% of the selling price.

Setting Up Your Flipkart Affiliate Account?

Just read the below instructions and find how to get your own Flipkart affiliate account.

1). Go to https://affiliate.flipkart.com/registerme and create an affiliate account for you by clicking the “Register” button. The account created now is different from the other account you used to buy products from Flipkart.

2).Enter the required details like Email address, password, agree the T&C and click the”Register” button.

3).After registering, you will be asked to fill in your contact details like address, phone number, website information and payment method.

4). In Payment information, you have 2 types of payment modes. You can choose EFT or gift voucher according to your need. In EFT method, your earnings will be credited to your bank account once you reached the threshold limit. In Gift voucher mode, you can have your earnings as a Gift voucher and you can use the voucher code while buying products in Flipkart.

5). Minimum payment threshold for EFT is Rs.5,000 and Rs.2500 for Gift voucher.

6). Once finished entering the required details, click the “Save changes” button in the bottom of the page.

7). Hurrah! Your Flipkart affiliate account is ready to earn money.

How To Use The Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard-

Login In Your Flipkart Affiliate Account And You Will See The Dashboard Like This

Generate Affiliate Link-

Go to http://www.flipkart.com/ in a new tab and copy the product’s webpage URL you would like to refer to others.

Now, paste the copied URL in the toolbar and click “Generate” button.

Once the affiliate URL is generated, click the “Select” button and copy the URL. And now you can share the product’s affiliate URL to whom ever you would like to refer.

That’s it! Get started with your Flipkart affiliate account and earn some money.

How/Where To Sharing Your Affiliate Products Links And Making Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program-

Actually There Are Enough Ways To Earn Money With This Program. So, You Can Easily Make Money  If You Really Work Hard In The Beginning With Flipkart Affiliate Program. So Let’s Came to the Point.

  • Social Media

You Don’t Know The Power Of Social Media. In The Present Time Most Of The Users Always Use Social Media. Even If They Need Solution Then They Did Not Search On Internet They Ask For Answers From Social Media Groups. Some Of The Best Group Which I Know Is Hellbound Bloggers, Xda Off Topic Group, And My Favorite FRB Trolls It Helps Me Alot.

So In Present Time Mostly Of Us Uses facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Hike, Twitter, Gb Whatsapp .I’m Pretty Sure You Use Them Too.

So You Just Share Your Affiliate Links With Your Friends On Facebook, Insta, Twitter. It Is Easy To Use And People Always Active On Them So You Have More Chances Of Product Sales.

You Can Also Earn With Facebook Page And Make It Popular By Sharing Some Loot Deals, Price Error Products.

Share As Much As Good Deals With Your Affiliates And You Got A Huge Amount Of Commission In Return Of Your Work.

  • Facebook Groups

Personally This Is The Best way To Earn Money By Affiliates. In The Present I Personally Having 2-3 Groups With Good Amount Of Members. And I’m posting Deals, Offers On There And Earn A Good Amount Of Money With Them. What You Do Is-

Facebook Groups

  • Join As Many As Facebook Group, And Start Making Your Own Group.
  • Now Share Your Product Links In Every Group.
  • If You Want to Increase Your Own Group Then Do Some Giveaways And Say Members If You Add Other Members In Our Group You Will Earn Money. So By This way You Got Active Members + Your Group Increase Rapidly.
  • Now Wait For Sales. You Will Surely Get Orders From Your Your Affiliates.

Ps- Some Of The Big Affiliates Groups Are Free Recharge Box, Free Recharge Zone etc. Which is Very popular On Facebook. They Had 1 Lakh+ Members in their group. The Admin’s Earn As Much As You Did Not Expect That you can earn with Affiliates. 

  • Blogging

Blogging Is a great way to promote your content. You can easily make a blog and start affiliate earning. You can create blogs about price error products, Discounted products on Flipkart and Amazon and earn money from them via the Affiliates.

PS- Many Affiliate Sites OmgTricks, Thuttu, Trickyhunt etc Earn A Huge Amount Of Money With Affiliates.

  • Vlogging/Youtubing

Vlogging is in video format. you can earn by doing reviews of products and by putting the affiliated links in the video description.

Many Indian youtubers like Technical Guruji, Sharmaji Technical, My Smart Support etc. Are Earning well with Youtube Monetization. Also They Earn Extra Money With Affiliates.

You can create your channel,  Grow subscribers and Earn money with Affiliates.

So Finally I Think I Mentioned All The Way To Promote your Affiliated Products.

Some Faqs About Flipkart Affiliates-

Q. What Is The Minimum Redemption Of earning?

Ans. Flipkart Pays You In Two Modes Bank Transfer Or Gift Voucher So For Bank transfer you need minimum Rs 5000 Approved Payments And For Gift Voucher you Need Rs 2500.

Q. What Is Pending Payment And Approved Payments?

Ans. Flipkart Pays out after two months or sixty days of sale. This is because the person who purchased the item has an option to return the item and get a refund within 30 days and some 45 days. So After Any Sale The Commission Shows in Pending Payment. and After two months when it got approved it shows In Approved Payments.

Q. Want Some More Answers About Flipkart Affiliate Do Comment Below I Will Trying To Answer All The Person.

Final Verdict-

If you are just started out learning About Make Money With Affiliates, How To earn Money Online. you Heard Many Times Affiliate Marketing.

The Proffesional Youtubers Like Shoutmeloud, Iftiseo Who share their income report on their blogs term “Affiliate Marketing” as their biggest source of income.

I Think Its Enough Said. Now You Have Known All The Skill required to making money with Flipkart Affiliates Program Now.

Kindly Share This Post With Your Friend(s) And Comment Below For Any Problem.

Want More Post Like This Give Me Suggestion In Comments Or Topic.

Ps- Sharing Is Caring

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