JIO Phone Booking Guide – Book From Your Home

Hey Guys !! You all must have heard about upcoming JIO phones , which will be available at just 1500 Rs, You can use jio Sims and high speed data connection in this device. Mr Ambani already said that This jio phone will cost you ZERO rupees as you can get your 1500 Rs back after using it for 3 years, So what more you can ask from JIO. JIO has already given many things for free. and JIO changed the complete market. In India Only 18-20% populations uses smartphone, 80% of population is still using basic phones OR no phones at all. There could be many reason  behind it, Like they don’t afford it, Or they cant use internet on their basic device. JIO phones looks like a Basic phone, but it covers many feature of smart phones, and main important point is, its price, that everyone can afford. So that every individual can afford it, can buy it and can use it and thus our India will become More Digital ! 

JIO Phone Booking Guide Steps


First Of all Download MY JIO app from Playstore OR Click Here To Download

Step 2 

Once the App is Downloaded , Login Or Sign In to your JIO App. Just Click on MYJIO and Enter your JIO registered number and Get OTP that is One time Password and enter it to Verify

Step 3

In jio phone Dashboard you will be able to See the JIO Phone Booking Banner . If you are not able to See the banner at the moment, then wait for a while. you might start seeing banner from 5pm, 24th August

Step 4

Once you will click on that banner you will asked to Enter Some details like Aadhar number, name of person and pin code on which you want JIO phone to be Delivered !!

You can order more then one JIO phone from One jio account for your family and friends and Just keep the list ready and be ready with your Digital wallets OR Credit/Debit Card as well.

Steps 5 

Once you enter all the details you will be moved to Payment page, You will have to pay a security deposit of 500 Rs, Rest 1000 rs has be on paid on the time of delivery. Whole 1500 Rs can be returned to you after 3 Years.

Step 6

Once you pay the amount, you will get your TOKEN to buy the phone from offline stores OR they will deliver the phone at your DoorStep


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