11 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Page Organically

Instagram is popular social platform like Facebook, twitter and Quora etc. Many people are earning huge money with their pages, accounts by sharing their content on Instagram. Instagram is hottest platform right now! with great potential for everyone. Make best out of it for future. You Can Grow your Instagram page organically by following the below post. Grow Your Instagram.

grow your instagram page

Requirement for Your Page | Grow Your Instagram 

  • Have meaningful @Username specified to the niche.
  • Keep keyword of your page niche in Username and Name. (Not necessary for personal/business account)
  • Optimize your Bio correctly. (Promise something, Show uniqueness of your page, CTA and one Hashtag)

Three key parameters requires to grow high:

  • Consistency (trust me, it matters most)
  • Quality posts and creativity
  • Higher engagement rate

Important Things To Know Before Posting Your content On Page-

  • Switch to Business Profile from day one. It helps in many ways.
  • Enable Two Factor Authentication for highest security else cry later when your account gets hacked.
  • Keep stronger password like this: $am33r1s
  • Post at least 3 times a day. Best times (India) to post is 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM, 8PM & 9PM.
  • Do check Insights to know the best active time of your audience.
  • Create theme on your account to attract users as well as promoters.
  • Caption matters. Don’t use repetitive captions. Insta algo hurts 🙁
  • Use opinion bait caption to increase the reach of post. Which will create good engagement.
  • Make use of first comment in best possible way. U can have Call To Action in it or something that gets highest likes.
  • Use location targeting on posts when required. Definitely good for reach on targeted locations.
  • Videos performs like charm. We’re takings great benefit of it. 😇


  • Don’t use an app to download image/video from other pages.
  • Go to original post and take a screenshot. For video post, most likely it will be available on YouTube, just download it.
  • Edit it well because pixels quality matters a lot in Instagram.
  • Don’t like much posts from your page. That being said, like only relevant posts. Never ever random post.
  • Don’t use too many hashtags. Don’t keep hashtag sets for posts. Also don’t use apps to get Hashtags.
  • Use Instagram search to decide hashtags.
  • (Important) Don’t edit the post after you publish. Even if a silly mistake, let it go. Instagram decrease the reach once you edit the post. Tried and tested.
  • In a video post, don’t go with default thumbnail.
  • Always pick an attractive thumbnail from the video. To do so, go to “cover” option while you’re publishing.
  • Never promote anything that’s fake or non genuine. You’ll get DMs for paid promo story such as “Buy followers” “Earning money” never promote such. (this will help you in building TRUST and later on, you’ll be able to monetize it.)
  • Avoid Schedulers / any tool.
  • Avoid mention in caption if possible. It can decrease the reach.

How To Increase Engagement Of Your Page- Grow Your Instagram 

Be little active after you publish a new post. Reply to comments under 20 minutes. Once the post gets the good number of comments, Insta will boost the post’s reach. It will start performing well in Discovery page. Little big comments has more value in eyes of Instagram. So like and reply in that way 😀

  • Make best out of story. Keep posting stories at every 3 hours of interval.
  • Post puzzle/riddle in a story and promise to feature correct replies.
  • (important) Reply to all DMs. It will help your posts to get in their feed much upper.
  • Trust me it works. Every time you get a new message request is directly proportional to engagement 😛
  • Keep posting trending stuff with the hashtag, Location.
  • Emotional, Memory moments, Talent, Debate creating, post that gets good shares, saves etc. works perfectly to increase reach and engagement.
  • Analyze your Insights to understand your audience better.
  • It takes time to understand audience, but will help you grow fast.

Final Verdict-

Instagram is hottest platform right now! with great potential for everyone. You Can Earn enough Money if you follow above steps. Kindly share this post with your friends if it help you in increasing your page in Instagram. Feel free to ask query if you’ve any. Thanks For Reading See You In Next Post 🙂

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