How To Earn Money Online In India By Sitting Home (Best Way)

Hello Guys, As You Already Know That Use of Internet Is Increasing Day By Day. Every Work Is Easily Done By the Internet Nowadays. You Can Do Recharge, You Can Do Online Shopping, You Can See Online Result, And Much More.

earn online money

The Internet Uses Is Rapidly Growing Day By Day If It Continues Then After Some Time All Work Can We Easily Done By Internet. You Can Easily Do Any Work By Internet. There Are So Many Ways To Earn Money Online. We Can Easily Earn Money By Sitting In Home.

There Are So Many Ways To Earn Money In India By Internet. But Today I Will Tell You 2 Ways To Earn Money Without Any Investment. Also, There Is No Risk.

How To Earn Money Online By Internet- Before This Read Some FAQ’s

Read These Some Common Question Which You Think-

Ques.1 Can We Earn By the Internet, Is It Safe Or Not?

Ans. Yes You Can Easily Earn By Internet. And If We Talk About Risk Then There Are Many Sites Available On Internet Which Doing Frauds. So You Have To Be Careful.

Ques.2 Does We Need Degree For Earn By the Internet? Is Degree Necessary?

Ans. No, We Do Not Need any type of degree to earn by internet. But You Earn By Internet only, when you do it with interest. Guess You A Good Cheif Then You Can Earn Money By Making A Recipe And Uploaded It On Your Website.

Ques.3 How Much We Can Earn By the Internet?

Ans. Everyone In My Friend Circle, Relatives Etc. Always Ask We That How Much We Can Earn By Internet. I Think You Also Want To Know This Answer. The Answer Is- There Is No Limit To Earn By Internet. The Reason Behind This Is That It Is Not A JOB It’s A Bussiness. You Can Earn Thousands-Millions And Also Happens That You Weren’t Able To Earn A Single Rupee. But There Is A Profit That You Don’t Have To Invest Here And You Can Learn New Things Here Always.

Ques.4 Does We Can Earn By Mobile Phone Or We Need Computer?

Ans. It is The Most Askable Question Which Everyone Ask Me. I Really Tired By Answering Every Time 🙁

But There Is No Fault Of Anyone Who Is Asked Because He/She Have Only Mobile Phone. We Can Earn Money By Mobile But It Only Only For Mobile Recharges, Data Recharges Etc. We Can Not Earn Enough Money By Mobile Phones Which Fulfill Our Daily Needs. Means In Simple Words You Must Need Computer. If You Don’t Have Computer Then Don’t Feel Upset You Can Go to NET CAFE And Can Do Your Work.

How To Get Started Making Money By Internet-

There Are Many Ways To Earn By Internet But I Tell You My Favourite Way Which I Currently Do For Earning.

  1. Blogging
  2. Youtube
  3. Online Surveys

We Can Earn Money By Internet Only When We Do Our Favorite Work. Beacouse If You Do The Work With Interest Then You Didn’t Get Success.

First You Have To Think In Which Are you Have Most Interest And What You Likes. Let Me Tell You SOme Topics-





Product Reviews


Home Decoration

Sports(Cricket,Football Etc)

And Much More Which You Like Most

How To See In Which Area You Have More Interest-

Firstly You Have To Think In Which Area You Have Most Interest And What You Like Most. Everyone Had Different Choices. Hope You Get Your Topic, Atleast Choose 3 Topics Which You Like And Want To Earn Money By That Topics.

In My Way, I Have Interest In Internet Or By Helping People. So I Do Help Of Peoples On Internet And Also Earn MOney By This.

How to Check Your Interest In That 3 Topics Which You Choose-

Take A Notebook And Take 10 Minute Timer In Your Mobile. And Write About Anything Related To That Article Whatever you Knows About That Article. Don’t Stop For 10 Minutes If You Don’t Able To Think More In 10 Minutes About That Topic Then Take Another One Topic. Then See In Which Topic You Write Max And Good.

So By This Trick You Can See Your Interest. So Now You Can Make Your Own Blog, Otherwise You Can Earn By Youtube.

1.How To Earn Money By Blogger In Sitting Home-

First You Have To MAke Your Own Blog, Is The Easiest And Best Way For This.

After Making Blog You Have To Post Great Articles On It. Arrange Your Post In Best Way.

Must use Link Of Another Post And Use At least One Image On It. 1 Image Is Equal To 1000 Words, So Whenever Need Images Then Add It.

Design Your Blog With Good Template, And Widgets.

Boost Your Traffic By Sharing It On Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Etc. Whenever You Post Any Article Then Share It On Social Sites.

 Now Came To The Main Point About Earning Money By Blog-

You made Your blog and post articles with good style, and designed your blog. You got good visitors on your blog. Now you are ready to earn money.

The Best way to earn money by blog is Adsense. But They have very hard Terms & conditions. They Hardly Approve your Adsense Account. So After Approving It Put Ads Code On Your Blog And Earn Money. You Got Money In $ whenever any of your users click on your ads. As you can see I use ads on my this site.

But It hard to getting approve Adsense account. So you can also use any ads provider like Chitika, Bidvertiser etc.

2. Earn Dollars $ In Youtube By Sitting Home-

Youtube Is A Video Sharing Site Where We Can Upload Videos And Share It With The Whole World. And By Putting Ads On That You Can Earn Money.

I Share Few Some Details About Blogger And Youtube For Earn More n more Money.

Final Words-

So If you like my post then please share it with your friends. If you have any problem regarding this post then feel free to ask us in comments. And also tell how we can improve our site.

Thanks for reading hope u liked 🙂

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