Get Notification When Vaccine Slots Are Available | 8 Alternatives Methods

This COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

India is currently in the midst of a second wave of the Coronavirus. Everyone knows how to much difficult to book a vaccine slot online. So today we’re going to share easy tricks, hacks to the notified instant when vaccine slots are available. These platforms will send alerts to the user when a COVID vaccination slot is available near the user’s location. Here are some websites and apps to help you notify about available vaccine slots.

Get Notification When Vaccine Slots Are Available

1. Co-WIN Portal:

Co-WIN portal helps people in searching for slots in the vaccine centers near their home. To get notified people will have to visit — — and then enter required details.

2. VaccinateMe

It is a website introduced by HealthifyMe for people who are in search of available slots for the COVID-19 vaccine. This website — will notify you about the open slots. This Website is best experienced on mobile.

3. PayTM Covid-19 Vaccine Slot Tracker

Online payments app Paytm has recently introduced a new feature in their application through which people can track their COVID-19 vaccine slots.

  • Open PayTM App
  • Scool Down You will see Vaccine Finder
  • Tap and open
  • Enter your Pincode/ district and choose between 18+ and 45+ age groups
  • You will see a slot
  • Also, Click on Notify me when slots are an available option
  • you will receive a notification when slots will be available
  • Done!

4. Telegram

This application also helps its users in notifying them about the open slots in nearby vaccine centers. To get notified users to have to visit the website– and enter their state and district to search.

5. Get Jab:

This website– will notify you about the Co-WIN slots near your home. To get notification one has to register name, email-id, and district. Also, you can add your phone number if you want an SMS service regarding open slots.

   Co-WIN slot notifier

  • How to use:
  • To register, visit
  • Enter your name, district, email, and mobile number (optional) in the respective fields
  • Choose ‘Get Notified’


Another COVID vaccine slot notifier website you can rely on. sends notifications about the availability of slots to your registered mobile number.

  • Here’s how to use the portal
  • Head over to

  • Select your district or Pincode
  • Enter your name and mobile number
  • Choose ‘Submit’ to proceed


Probably, the best COVID vaccine slot availability checker tool out there for users looking to get inoculated. sends alerts of vaccination slots availability in centers around them straight to your Telegram inbox. The website is created by developer Berty Thomas.

  • How to check vaccination slots availability
  • Visit
  • Choose State and District
  • Select the Telegram notification option that will appear on the screen
  • A new page will open with the ‘Join Channel’ option
  • Click on it
  • Enter your Telegram mobile number and verify that’s you

Users will then be redirected to a channel that will be specific to their district. Join it to see the detailed slot availability data like which center has available slots, the number of slots available, and the availability date, among other things.

8. Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

Step 1: To get started, click here to make a copy of the Vaccine Tracker Google Sheet in your Google Drive. You should complete this step on a desktop computer as Google add-ons are not available on mobile devices yet.

Step 2: Click the Vaccine Tracker menu (near the Help menu) and choose Enable as shown in the screenshot.

Step 3: You may see an authorization window. If you get an “unverified app” message, click the Advanced link and choose “Go to Vaccine Alerts”. The app is 100% safe and open-source.

Step 4: Go to Step 2 now and choose the Enable the menu again to launch the tracker. Enter one more pin code (comma separated), the email address where you wish to receive the alerts, and the age group for which you need to monitor vaccine availability.

Step 5: You can set any specific date and done.

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker
COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

Step 6: This COVID-19 vaccine tracker will notify you when vaccine slots become available near your location email alerts are sent once per day around 8 am.

  • Here’s a Detailed Video On Youtube

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