5 Best Games Like PUBG on Android And iOS

PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, is all the rage among the gaming community and it has broken numerous records over the previous year. You Can Also Play Battle Royale Games Like PUBG On Your Smartphone Too. There Are Many Games Like PUBG Available for smartphones. Even The Real PUBG game is available for smartphones but in Chinese language only. Hence, we have compiled a list of 5 PUBG-style battle royale games you can enjoy on your mobile devices right away:

Best Battle Royale Games Like PUBG Mobile

PS:- I tried all the PUBG alternatives on my Redmi 4 64GB, running MIUI 9, and iPhone 8 Plus, running iOS 11.2.1. The games ran quite smoothly and it was a really fun experience. You Can Give it A Try You Will Not Disappoint.

1. Free Fire – Battlegrounds

If you’re not yet comfortable jumping into a high-capacity fight, Free Fire – Battlegrounds could be the game you’d like to try out first. The controls are all on the screen and simple to navigate, but the highlight for you is that only have to go against 50 other users. I Personally love this game and played almost everyday with my friends. You can add me @kirito~ in FreeFire.

The basics of the battle royale mode all remain the same. You’ll drop on a remote island and will have to find good weapons, as well as medkits, and stay inside the safe zone to win the battle. You could also form 4-man squads and talk amongst yourselves to devise a strategy with in-game voice chat. Their graphics are smooth, so you wouldn’t necessarily face any lag during the gameplay.

Download:   Android |    iOS

2. Rules of Survival

If you’ve tried out the PUBG mobile game, then you will find that Rules of Survival hits close to home and is quite similar to this battle royale phenomenon. In this game, you drop on a massive 8 x 8 km island with 120 other players and have to be the last man standing as the zone pushes you to a center.

This Game Is Heavy For Some Phones And Its Physics Is Really Not Good as FreeFire. So I Would suggest you to give it a try and if you liked it then go for it otherwise play FreeFire.The controls are quite simple and the experience is pretty smooth worldwide, thanks to the presence of three different servers across Asia, America and europe.

Download:   Android |    iOS

3. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

You are dropped on a deserted island with up to 20 players and the last-man-standing is going to take home the crown. You get high-quality 3D graphics, a hefty arsenal, and a chance to test your combat skills in a quick intense battle for survival.

Download:     iOS  |      Android

4. Knives Out

Knives Out is yet another intuitive and stunning game like PUBG alternative NetEase. To make all their battle royale games differ from each other, it has added unique locations such as snow-capped mountains and train tunnels to its maps. All controls and action will remain quite similar and you’re free to do anything (expect cheat) to survive the wrath of the closing arena and enemies.

It currently has over 10 million installs, but I’d pick outlandish masks and futuristic jackets over all regular ones any day. This doesn’t undermine the graphics or gameplay in any way though.

Download:    Android |    iOS

5. Unknown Royal Battle

I’m a huge fan of pixel art and when you see a mobile game title with the same cover as your favorite multi-player FPS survival game, you’re instantly attracted to it. This was the case for me and the game turned out to be just okay- nothing extraordinary. It can be seen as a look-alike of the aforementioned pixel-style PUBG game, but is more modern.

Download:   Android |    iOS

5 Best Games Like PUBG on Android and iOS

So It was the best game which i personally like and love. you can give a try of all of them and enjoy the game. Several game studios have banked on the hype surrounding the battle royale genre and there are some great games available for both Android and iOS. So, do tell us which game title you tried and fancied the most in the comments below.


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