10 Best Pulse Oximeters in India for 2021 | Lowest Price | June 2021

10 Best Pulse Oximeters in India

Pulse oximeters for home usage aren’t new, but as Covid’s second wave has struck devastation across India, more individuals are seeking it. Thousands of individuals have died as a result of this terrible virus and have infected millions of others. During this wave, more people needed oxygen support. Many people have become critically ill as a result of failing to check their oxygen levels. We have added the 10 best Pulse Oximeters.

  • What Is Oximeter?
  • A pulse oximeter is a small, lightweight device used to monitor the amount of oxygen carried in the body.
  • Oximeter – A Necessity in Pandemic
  • Oximeters were traditionally used in emergency rooms or hospitals. but now after the covid pandemic in every house, we can see it

How to Use a Pulse Oximeter at Home?

  • Relax your breathing.
  • Clean your hands and nails. Remove nail paint and henna if there is any.
  • Your hands should be at room temperature. Not cold or warm.
  • Use the Pulse Oximeter on the index or middle finger.
  • Let it stay on for 1 min to get an accurate reading.
  • It will display the oxygen level.

1. MEDITIVE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The MEDITIVE Fingertip is one of the Best Pulse Oximeter in India currently. It is a non-invasive device that can assess your pulse rate and oxygen levels within seconds.

  • Price – Rs.1390

Key Features –

  • Non-Invasive and Easy to Use
  • Unique Feature of Displaying Respiratory Rate
  • Auto Power On & Off
  • Water-Resistant
  • Buzzer- Visual Alarm.

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2. Dr Morepen PO-15 Pulse Oximeter

Dr Morepen PO-15 Pulse Oximeter for home is a quick and easy way to monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels. You can simply monitor your pulse rate and SpO2 levels with this tiny and portable instrument. 10 Best Pulse Oximeters

  • Price – Rs 1,799

Key Features –

  • Accurately determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen level) in under 7 seconds
  • Perfusion Index (PI) helps determine if you’re taking your pulse rate properly.
  • High contrast LED display that features bright and large digits.
  • AAA batteries will last for over 6 months. 6 Display Modes

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3. Choicemmed Finger Pulse Oximeter

The choice mind oximeter features a dual-color OLED display for simple reading of SpO2 and pulse. To save battery life, the oximeter switches off automatically after 5 seconds of use. 10 Best Pulse Oximeters

  • Price – Rs 1899

Key Features –

  • Accurate and Reliable
  • Read and display up to 100% for SpO2.
  • For sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, etc
  • Finger chamber with SMART Spring System.
  • Works for ages 12 and above.

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4. DR VAKU Pulse Oximeter with OLED Display

DR VAKU Pulse Oximeter with OLED Display is one of the best pulse oximeters in India.

  • Price – Rs  1,199

Key Features –

  • Accurate Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • 6 seconds SpO2 detection
  • Bright OLED display
  • Portable and lightweight make it easy to carry.
  • This oximeter has excellent battery life.

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5.Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter

Patients with heart failure, bronchial asthma, and other cardiac problems will benefit from this product. Its shape makes it an excellent choice for athletes and high-altitude activities.

  • Price – Rs 3,560
Key Features –
  • Four Visual Display Mode with LED
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Includes 2 x AAA Batteries.
  • Lightweight & Compact

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6.  Dr Odin Pulse Oximeter

Dr Odin is a well-known health and awareness brand. The Pulse oximeter reads in 10 seconds giving you an exact reading of your blood oxygen level, pulse rate

  • Price – Rs 1700
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Key Features –
  • Comes with OLED Display
  • Alarm alert Function
  • Fingertip pulse oximeter
  • Six display mode

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7.HealthSense Accu-Beat Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

While developing this medical equipment, Health Sense took every precaution possible. Made of medical-grade silicone and devoid of latex to avoid any adverse reactions when measuring. 10 Best Pulse Oximeters

  • Price – Rs 1699

Key Features –

  • Hypoallergenic
  • One Button Operation
  • 8 Sec Fast Reading & Smart Display
  • One Year Warranty
  • Four Direction Displays

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8. BPL Smart Pulse Oximeter

The BPL brand has been serving India since 1963 and is one of the most well-known in the country. This smart oximeter from BPL Medical Technologies is a must-have during these COVID days. 10 Best Pulse Oximeters

  • Price – Rs 4,699
Key Features –
  • Perfusion Index Display
  • Measures the pulse date with a maximum deviation of +/-2 bpm
  • Visual and audible alarm indication alerts.
  • Connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth (Android 4.3 or higher)
  • Four directions and six display modes OLED display

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9.  Dr Trust Signature Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

People looking for a low-cost Pulse Oximeter in India for home use can go for this very model. This non-invasive medical device is necessary equipment for patients with heart disease and athletes. 10 Best Pulse Oximeters

  • Price – Rs 2005
Key Feature –
  • Water-resistant.
  • Hypoallergenic Design
  • Rotatable multidirectional display
  • This oximeter has long battery life.
  • Prevents Hypoxia
  • Shows Accurate results
  • Self-turn off feature

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10. Hesley Pulse Oximeter Fingertip

Hesley is a renowned name when it comes to health devices and equipment. The brand employs cutting-edge technology, and its goods have received FDA and CE approval.

  • Price – Rs 2,199
Key Features –
  • Multi-Directional OLED Display
  • It features a simple one-button design that makes it simple to operate.
  • The oximeter shuts down on its own.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Alarm for abnormal readings

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