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Being A Student, How Do I Manage Time For Blogging?

One of the most asking questions that I faced. And to me it doesn’t make much sense… 


What does a Student do if he’s not into Blogging?

Let’s just think that there’s a student in class 12th and is not doing any blogging (Like my school friends)

what will be his/her daily routine?

They Attend Their College in daytime. Maybe 3-5 Hours

And What About The Left Time. After completing their college classes he’s free for the whole day and the night time also. So what he do in that time?

He might be going out with friends for movies, or maybe just chatting with his girlfriend(s), or maybe browsing facebook/youtube or even some po_n(i think must)… (same happens with my friends in present time but not happening with me)

That’s his daily routine…   They will change this routine in exam time when he has to work on his college projects, assignments or exams… And after the examination, they will back on their old routine.. 🙁

Most of the student make GF(s) and waste all their valuable time on them and by this, they also got low marks.

Where Does the Difference come?

The ones (Like Me) who have some extra/different goals or you might say Passion towards something different.

Blogging is one such thing!! Something that attracts a lot of students.I am one of them (proudly).

Some do blogging for money and others do for passion. Really if you want to be famous then never do blogging for money. I do blogging for passion. I spend my waste time on it and I’m very happy whenever I saw a valuable comment on my post it appreciated me a lot to continue my work.

Irrespective of why a student chooses to do blogging, it’s more important to know and realize the fact that how a student approaches towards blogging. In my way of doing blogging My Friend, Ayush Agarwal Suggest me to do blogging And I’m Really Happy with that decision.

I had lots of time after college which I always used to spend in “not so useful” activities.

  • I will himself stop wasting time after college,
  • slowly stop going out on regular basis,
  • Now not waste time on talking with girls on facebook.(Which I Was Do But Not Now) 
  • I will not spend my entire time watching Youtube or movies.
  • Now I will be more focused towards my blogs.
  • Now I will work more and maybe even spend full nights writing posts.

Though he might still not have a proper/regular schedule but he still would be more focused on “Blogging”.

Now how I manages my time for blogging, you should understand the differences that I explained above.

Let’s talk about My Daily Routine…

  • Morning 7 to 10 AM- Going College By Train Which Is 87 Km Far From My City.
  • 10 AM To 5 PM – Attend College Classes
  • 5 PM To 7 PM – Coming Back Home From College
  • 7:30 PM To 9 Pm – Going Gym And Doing Exercise To Become Healthy.
  • 10 PM to whenever I sleep – Time that makes the difference. Every student (unless some special case) have this time with no tasks assigned.

Final Words-

It’s really funny to see people asking me many times that How I manage my time and what i do with my lappy always!!!

Blogging is not an easy job but it’s very very good. Beacuse now i don’t waste my time on fb, youtube, seeing bad things. Now i’m happy you can also happy by following above steps.

I make myself busy by doing WORK, by doing blogging, by helping others, by running my fb group, by Looting in FRB( A Famous Group On FB, Group Admin- Ravi Mishra) by doing all what maybe not all 12th class students don’t do.

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That’s The Post About how I manage my time.

I still don’t have any specific time slots for my blogging work. Whenever i got an good idea i start writing 🙂

Enjoy Blogging !! 😀 Thanks For Reading 🙂

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