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Zomato Pro Plus Membership

Deepinder Goyal (Founder of Zomato) took to Twitter today (2nd August 2021) to officially launch the Zomato Pro Plus Membership in India.  The USP of this membership will be ‘unlimited free delivery’. It is a paid membership, but the Zomato Edition Black credit cardholders will get it for free (automatic upgrade).

Zomato Pro Plus MembershipThe Plus Membership includes all the benefits of Zomato Pro along with Unlimited Free Deliveries. Check Zomato Pro Plus Price, Plans, Invite, and other details.

How to Get Zomato Pro Plus Membership via Invite?

It can currently be availed only if you have an official invite from Zomato. The Zomato app says “Join Zomato Pro to increase your chances of getting an invite to Zomato Pro Plus”. This online food delivery company will be giving away the  Plus Membership from 6 pm today (2nd August 2021), but only to a limited number of users.Zomato Pro Plus Membership

You need to check your Zomato app after 6 pm to see if you are lucky enough to have won the  Plus Membership. Make a note that only a few memberships are available so it might be on a first-come-first-served basis. Thus, it is recommended to log in to your Zomato app 5-10 minutes before 6 pm.

In some time, the Plus Membership will be made available to all users as a paid service, but the accounts will be limited so you need to buy it asap.

Zomato Pro Plus Membership Price:

The official Plus Membership Price is now out. This service is currently on an app-invite basis only. The Zomato Pro membership is priced at Rs 200 for 3 months and Rs 750 for 1 year.

Zomato Pro Plus Membership Plan Membership Price
3 Months Rs 300
12 Months Rs 900

Plus Membership Plans & Benefits

The official announcement has come out on Plus Membership Plans, but just like the  Pro, it has 2 plans i.e. 3 months and 12 months. The Pro Plus Membership Plan promises zero surge fee and distance fee. Moreover, it includes all benefits of Zomato Pro. Additionally, it will give unlimited free deliveries.

Zomato Pro Plus Membership Plans

  1. 3 Months Plan at Rs 300 i.e. Rs 100 per month.
  2. 12 Months Plan at Rs 900 i.e. Rs 75 per month.

Thus, you save Rs 300 on a yearly Plus Membership.

Zomato Pro Plus Membership

Zomato Pro Plus Membership Benefits

  1. Unlimited Free Deliveries
  2. No Surge Fee even during rush hours and rains.
  3. No Distance Fee
  4. Exclusive Deals at 25K+ Restaurants across the country.
  5. Discounts on both Dining and Delivery.

How to Get Zomato Pro Plus without an Invite? 

If you didn’t get an invite from the Pro Plus membership then there is a way to get it. Zomato in its FAQ section says that it will be rolling out new Zomato Pro Plus memberships daily so that more people can benefit. However, it also adds that to increase your chances to get the Zomato Pro Plus subscription, you first need to become a Zomato Pro member.

Clearly, people depending heavily on Zomato will love the Zomato Pro Plus for great savings. Besides, it will be interesting to see how it fares with its peer Swiggy Super in terms of pricing and benefits. You can share your views in the comments section below.



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