How To Transfer Your PUBG Mobile Data To Battlegrounds Mobile India

Transfer Your PUBG Mobile Data To Battlegrounds

Here’s How to transfer your PUBG global data to battlegrounds mobile India easily. Battlegrounds Mobile India, the much-awaited battle royale game is now available for all users to download. Apparently, many users are downloading the game and it gained 17 million downloads on the first day. Download Now From Playstore. and follow the steps to transfer your data.

Transfer Your PUBG Mobile Data

We welcome our beloved fans of battle royale games to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, directly serviced by KRAFTON.log in with the same account. You can log in with Facebook or with Twitter. You can get access to the beta version.

How To Transfer Your PUBG Mobile Data To Battlegrounds India

  •  Download Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Step 1 – Simply log in and Open the Game And click here.
  • Transfer Your PUBG Mobile Data2 – Now click on settings.
  • 3 – Now You will see the Transfer Your Account Option.
  • 4 – Login With social media, if you’re using your old account, is connected before.
  • 5 – Just log in with one Facebook/ Twitter.

  • 6 – I used my Facebook so l login with details.
  • 7 – and you will see the account data transfer option.
  • 8 – Done Your PUBG Data Transferred successfully to your Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Now Play and Get Some chicken dinner.

You can also log in via Google Play other than Facebook or Twitter. But Google Play Games no longer supports signing in from embedded browsers. In that case, only Facebook and Twitter log-in methods are supported for data migration.

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is a new free game made for Indians. As promised, we come with an exciting array of Launch events to celebrate the week, and even beyond. As more and more players join the game, the India Ka Battlegrounds event rewards you with a permanent purple outfit for free, so invite your friends and get set! There is more to come such as Weekend Vibes, Celebration Time, Friends for Life, and much more with exciting rewards from outfits to weapon skins. Tune into the lobby and drop onto the battlegrounds today!


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