Top 10 Best Ludo Earning Apps In India 2023 | Without Investment

Best Ludo Earning Apps: Hello everyone welcome to CoolzTrick. Have you ever imagined that you can also earn money from playing ludo?  isn’t insane. of course, it is. We all played Ludo in our childhood even in current times it’s a quite popular game. “Ludo is a game of chance. After gaining popularity with Fantasy apps in India now these types of games like ludo, Rummy, and Poker are also competing with them. one of the most popular Ludo games is Ludo King. in this article I will share with you the Top 10 apps to play Ludo online in India & Earn Real CASH.

Can You Make Money Online By Playing Ludo?

It’s strange we know. All of us in our childhood have played ludo massively and its a great fun. But now you can also earn from it. Yes, it’s possible Now. Every time you win by playing Ludo it’s an online multiplayer game. Also, have classic modes. You can play with 2player/ 3player/ 4player same as offline ludo game. If you’re a ludo expert. Then you’re at the best place, in this article, we will share with you the Top 10 Best Ludo Earning Apps In India – 2022 | Instant Withdrawal. You can earn a lot from playing ludo online. and make money easily online.

If you also searching for the best earning app online without investment. then you are in the right place. You can earn money by playing ludo online without investment. Here are we go!

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Best Ludo Earning Apps Key Features

  • Most Of the apps you can play without any investment.
  • Instant signup Bonus and also you can earn by referring with your friends.
  • You can play with your local friends.
  • If you wanna invest and earn more then entry fees are very low.
  • Easy interface with multiplayer and computer mode both available.
  • Ludo Playing is easy if you’re smart then you will win every time.
  • You can play also snakes and ladders games on ludo.

Best Ludo Earning Apps | Top 10 Ludo Earning App 2022 | List Added

1. Playerzpot Ludo

Best Ludo Earning AppsLudo is the most popular board game amongst the masses. The game has a rich history dating back to ancient times. The exact origins of this famous board game come from the historic Ellora Caves in Maharashtra where it was depicted in the form of wall carvings and paintings. From this, it was concluded that the game has Indian origins. However, since then the Ludo was played on cloth, slates, and boards.

  • Download Playerzpot Ludo App
  • PlayerzPot Referral Code- IHD12345
  • Signup Bonus Rs. 100
  • Refer and Earn – Lifetime 10%
  • Withdrawal Via- Paytm, UPI, Bank Withdrawal

   Download Playerzpot Ludo App

2. Gamezy Ludo 

Best Ludo Earning AppsGamezy is known as the most popular fantasy app. Indian cricketer KL Rahul is the brand ambassador right now of gamezy.

If you have a smartphone with the Gamezy application, you can play ludo online. Even though Ludo is played on other platforms for entertainment purposes, on Gamezy, Super Ludo can be played for real cash! To play Ludo online on Gamezy, you can compete head-to-head with just one more player in a 1v1 battle. One rule of playing ludo online on Gamezy is that if your pawn is killed three times, then you automatically lose the game.

  • Download Gamezy Ludo App
  • Use Gamezy Referral Code – FREE100
  • Get Signup Bonus Instant FREE Rs.100
  • Withdrawal Via – UPI, PayTM (Instant), Bank

   Download Gamezy Ludo App

3. LudoHind

Best Ludo Earning AppsThere is more than one way to win prizes on Ludo Hind. Refer the app to your friends and family and earn prizes every time they join the app. So what are you waiting for? Download the app NOW and start winning!

   Download Ludo Hind App

4. Khiladiadda Ludo

Best Ludo Earning AppsSignup using Refer Code GET10 and play. your first Ludo game for free!

   Download Khiladiadda Ludo App

5. Ludoskill

Best Ludo Earning AppsLudoSkill is an all-new exciting online ludo game through which you can earn real money by playing against real players and tournaments. The game is packed with some amazing twists such as boosters and unique features that will enhance your ludo playing experience to a whole new level.

  • Download LudoSkill App 
  • Signup Bonus Rs.25
  • Refer Bonus Rs. 150
  • Withdrawal Via- Paytm (Instant), UPI Transfer, Bank Instant Withdrawal

   Download LudoSkill App 

6. MPL Ludo 

Best Ludo Earning AppsMPL is one of the most popular fantasy app in current times. Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli it self brand Ambassador OF MPL App. PLAY ONLINE LUDO GAME ON MPL. The Best Board Game to Win Real Money.

  • Download MPL Ludo App
  • Signup Bonus Rs. 50
  • Refer Bonus Rs.50
  • Withdrawal Via- Amazon Pay Balance, Paytm, UPI, Bank Withdrawal

   Download MPL Ludo App

7. Real11 

  • Best Ludo Earning AppsDownload Reall11 App
  • Real 11 Referral Code – IHD100
  • Signup Bonus Rs.500
  • Refer Bonus Rs. 500
  • Withdrawal Via- Amazon Pay Balance, Paytm, UPI, Bank Withdrawal

   Download Reall11 App

8. Batball11 

One of the best ludo apps in current times. with an instant signup bonus and you can also earn per refer. and use their bonus to play Ludo FREE Online. User friendly interface and get easy with games and fantasy sports.
Enjoy the gaming experience and fantasy experience with the best application.

  • Download Batball11 Ludo App
  • Batball11 Referral code – CHAMP11
  • Signup Bonus Rs. 50
  • Refer Bonus Rs.50
  • Withdrawal Via – Paytm, UPI, Bank Withdrawal

   Download Batball11 Ludo App

9. OneTo11 

OneTo11 is India’s first Social Networking Fantasy Mobile application. While other fantasy sports mobile applications only allow users to earn money by winning contests, OneTo11 users can earn money in 3 different ways.

  • Download OneTo11 Ludo App
  • OneTo11 Referral Code: SUAAA6TG
  • Signup Bonus Rs.100
  • Refer Bonus Rs.100
  • Withdrawal Via- Paytm, UPI, Bank Withdrawal

   Download OneTo11 Ludo App

Final Words About Best Ludo Earning Apps: We covered all top 10 Best Ludo Earning Apps. All Apps We have tried, and there is no issue while playing online. The best thing about this top 10 Best ludo earning apps you can play without any investment. and you can earn money online easily. Play Ludo And Earn Money Instant. You will get an instant signup bonus and also you can earn by per refer after. You can use the bonus for joining and playing ludo online and earn money without any oinvestment. If you have any more suggestions about more new ludo earning apps then comment down and let me know.

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