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Namma11 Referral Code

Namma11 Referral Code: Namma11 is the most trusted fantasy sports app, allowing you to play YOUR fantasy sport alongside a real match. Sign Up today and directly dive into the matches or download our app for an immersive experience.Namma11 Referral Code Sign Up today and directly dive into the matches or download our app for an immersive experience. Play your favorite Fantasy Sport. Download Namma11 get a sign-up bonus of Rs.100 instant, and when your friend using your referral code you’ll get more Rs.100.

Namma11 Is The Most Trusted Fantasy Sports App

Namma11 Referral CodeShiv100
Fantasy AppNamma11
Namma11 ApkDownlaod Now
Namma11 Sign-up Bonus₹100
Namma11 Refer & Earn₹100

How To Download Namma11 Fantasy App

Download Now Namma11 Apk

  • Download Namma11 Apk
  • Namma11 Referral Code: Shiv100
  • Simply download and install
  • Open enter your number
  • After putting your number
  • Verify your number with OTP
  • Then most important enter Namma11 Referral Code

  • Namma11 Referral Code – Shiv100

Download Now Namma11 Apk

  • After applying the referral code
  • you’ll get Rs.100 instant on your Namma11 wallet
  • Also, you can edit your own referral code
  • After editing your own referral code you’ll get Rs.10 instant

How To Play Namma11 Fanatsy App

  • Namma11 Referral Code: Shiv100
  • To play you can pick your own team formed by a collection of real players from Cricket and other sports. You can form your team within a budget of 100 credits. Your team gets points through your selected players’ performance in the on-field matches. It’s the right moment to show off your skill and win cash!

Namma11 Referral Code

  •  Select a Match:
    Select a match from any of the on-going or future cricket series from our Contests section.
  • Create Your Team:
  • Utilize your sports familiarity and demonstrate your skills to form your Namma11 team on a budget of 100 credits.

Download Now Namma11 Apk

  • Join a Contest:
  • Join any Namma11 free or cash sport to win cash and show off your perfection in the Free/Skill sports on Namma11!
  • Follow the Match:
  • Watch the real match and keep track of your fantasy scorecard (updated every 5 minutes).
  • Withdraw your Winnings:
  • Immediately withdraw your winnings from your Namma11 account or convert your winnings to credit points.

Namma11 Referral Code

  • Creating your team:
  • Step 1:
  • Select a Match
  • Select a match from the list of ongoing and future cricket series and click on the ‘Create Team’ button in the Contests section.
  • Create your Namma11 team by selecting 11 players according to the given combo with a budget of 100 credits.

Download Now Namma11 Apk

  •  Points to remember:
  • The player you pick as your Fantasy Cricket Team’s Captain will get 2x the points for his on-field performance
    The Vice-Captain will get 1.5x the points for his on-field performance.
    Substitutes on the field will not be awarded a point for any contribution they make.
    Strike rate scoring is applicable just for strike rate below 70 runs per 100 balls.

Namma11 Fantasy App Referral System

Namma11 Referral Code

  • Namma11 Referral Code: Shiv100
  • Invite your friends & win big rewards.
  • Friend’s Sign Up
  • You get Rs.50
  • Your friend gets Rs.50
  • On Friend’s Deposit, You get 0% of your friends’ deposit maximum of up to ₹50
  • Loyalty Rewards 5th referral Rs.50
  • bonus cash 10th referral Rs.50
  • bonus cash 15th referral Rs.50

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