(Exclusive) Top 5 Mini Militia Alternatives You Can Play

Mini Militia Alternatives

Playing games on smartphones is the most popular and Compaq medium for playing games. And these days smartphones are more powerful and faster than we ever could have imagined. And access to game hacking Apps makes it even easier to clear difficult games. So, haven’t you thought that you aren’t utilizing the space and graphics properly of your smartphone. That may ping you, but that’s a truth.

mini militia alternatives
What if I tell you, that there are some extremely entertaining games same as the popular multiplayer combat games Mini Militia. It was addictive and was praised well for awesome graphics work and introducing a whole new concept of gaming to the world.
So, here are some cool alternatives to Mini Militia in case you’re looking for something extra to boost your smartphone gaming.
Alternatives to Mini Militia –

#1- Dual

Dual is something different from what we’re used to see these days. It’s a retro style game for all the retro fans out there. In the games, you’re a pilot and you have to fight with other pilots to decide who’s the best. Developed by Seabaa, the game can be connected by Bluetooth and local network to start the deadliest battle to pick up the best one.
The USP of the game is the intentional retro style which will keep you intact.

#2- Clash Of Clans

How can we miss this one? One of the most popular games of the modern era, Clash of Clans is very popular online and is available for almost all major platforms to enjoy. A multiplayer game which lets you build armies, destroy walls and enemies, building castles and lots of thrill and adventure.
You have to build your clan, destroy other’s clans and also defend yours to advance in the game and lessen the risk of losing.

#3- Fruit Ninja

Another very popular game which has been updated many times since its inception. Developed by Halfbrick Studios, Fruit Ninja is a very interesting game where you have to train yourself to become a dojo and swing sword to cut all fruits without disturbing the bombs. The game needs enhanced reflexes to be played perfectly.
It can be played both online and offline. Especially, in offline mode, you can play in multiplayer mode and compete with your friends. Many new cool features and swords have been introduced to the game make it more user-friendly.

#4 – Vainglory

Vainglory is the most unusual game in the list. It is a multiplayer game but with no limitation, from no limitation I mean to say that you can let end number of people play the game with you. The graphics and the whole tone of the game is simply amazing and lets you get to into a new world.
You have to defend your base from attack and attack the opponent’s base to win the game. Vainglory also introduces a gaming concept called MOBA gaming experience which is very new to smartphone gaming.

 #5- Shadow Gun – Deathzone

A Game developed by MADFinger Games tries to cash on the evergreen genre of gunning and shooting. It tests your strategical thinking and makes you blaze guns like never before. The game holds up a very interesting story line and that keeps you intact till the end. It’s a cross platform game which lets you play through different platforms to swing up your mood.
In the game, you’re supposed to save your territory from intruders, and you can also play in multiplayer mode to team up with more badass friends to shoot more ass.

Final Verdict-

So It Was The Top 5 Alternatives Of Mini militia Game. Check One by One And Tell Me In Comments Which One you Liked Most And Why.

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