[LOOT] Limeroad Cut The Price :- Cut Price and Get Product For Free

Limeroad Cut The Price:- Hi there. Welcome to CoolTrick. Hope you guys enjoying our previous posts. We are back with another great offer. You guys might have had already enjoyed Nikki Drop The Price and Mi Madness sale. This offer is similar to that. Limeroad has come up with the same type of offer. But it’s offering more products. There are shoes, bags, clothes and many different pieces of stuff. Cutting price is easy. One person can drop from Rs. 0 to Rs. 100. One person can help 3 friends. Perfect time for your friends to help you. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab this offer asap.

How To Drop The Price And Get Products For Free From Limeroad:-

  1. First of all, go to following links and cut the price – CLICK HERE
  2. You’ll have to install Limeroad app and verify your mobile number through OTP. Do it to proceed further.
  3. You’ll have successfully cut the price by some amount.
  4. From menu, click on Cut The Price
  5. Here, you can see many different products that you can get for free by cutting the price.
  6. Scroll and choose the product that you want. Click on Cut The Price beside that product.
  7. You’ll have reduced some price for that product.
  8. Now, there you can see Share for One More Cut. Click on it.
  9. Share your link with your friends and family and ask them to Cut The Price.
  10. That’s it. when the price will drop to zero, you can place your order and get it for free.
  11. You will get 24 hours time to cut the price to zero. After it reaches zero, you’ll get Limeroad credits in your account that you can use to buy that product. A single person can help 3 friends to cut the price.
  12. Well, if you have other numbers, you can open your link in incognito mode and Drop your own price yourself. You can help 3 friends. You can even drop our price if you would like 🙂 

    Terms and Conditions:-

    • Customers can get the product for free by simply participating in the game. No payment is involved.
    • Choose your favorited product, invite your friends to cut the price. If the price gets to Rs. 0 in 24 hours, you’ll get the product for free.
    • You can start as many ‘cut the price’ as you like.
    • Amount cut by friend is random (Rs. 0- Rs. 100)
    • Your friend needs to verify mobile number to cut the price.
    • You can help upto 3 friends to cut the price.
    • You can claim your reward by clicking on ‘Claim’ buttom. You’ll get LR credits of that amount in your account which you can use to buy product.
    • If product gets out of stock, you can use those credits to buy anything you like.

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