(Free Shopping)Mr Voonik App Loot : Get Rs.51 On Signup + Rs.51 Per Referral (100% Redeemable)

Mr.Vonik Loot:-Hello Guys, Mr Voonik App is Offering Rs.51 For Signing up On App and Rs.51 For Referring Your Friends.You Can Earn upto Rs.10,000 For Inviting Your Friends.Just Invite Your Friend and On their Sign up You Will get Rs.51 Within 1 or 2 Hours.

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How To Get Rs.51 Wallet cash From Mr.Voonik App:-

1.First Of Download Mr.Voonik App From Playstore Download Now

2.Now Install the App and Open it.

3.You will need to Put Only Email Address and Refer Code to Create A New Account.

4.Enter Your Email Address.

5.Enter Refer Code :- tcmmr9s


6.Now Complete Signup process, you Will get Wallet Credit within 1-2 Hours

How’s To refer Friends And Earn Rs.51 For Each:-

1.After Signup Goto Refer And Earn from Menu.

2.Now get you refer Link or Refer code.

3.Share This Link With Your friends.

4.as Soon as your friends installs the app and Signup you will get Rs.51 Credited to Your Account.

5.You can earn upto Rs.10,000 using This refer and earn.

Mr Voonik Referral Program – Terms and Conditions

This document is an electronic contract in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 that governs the referral program on the Mr Voonik Marketplace (henceforth “Mr Voonik”).
Your use of Mr Voonik and participation, in any manner, in the referral program, is governed by these terms and conditions, including all other applicable policies (“Terms”) which are incorporated herein by way of reference. Accordingly, the Terms constitute a binding contract between you and Mr Voonik Technologies Private Limited.

• 1. Definitions:

The following terms shall have the meaning ascribed next to them for the purposes of interpretation of this document:

Platforms: means the Mr Voonik e-commerce marketplace, and includes the Mr Voonik mobile app, website and mobile site

Invitee: means a new customer who downloads and signs-up on any of the Apps for the first time on a unique device on which none of the Apps had been installed earlier, after having received an invitation from the Referrer under this referral program

Referrer: means an existing customer who has an account on any of the Apps

Rewards: means the points or virtual currency redeemable on Mr Voonik alone which Referrer and the Invitee receive for having successfully completed a referral under these Terms

You, User, Your: means the customer / end user using the Apps

We, Us, Our: means Voonik Technologies Private Limited
2. Rewards

i. A successful download of and sign-up on the App by the Invitee shall entitle him / her to receive Mr Voonik points worth 51

ii. When the Invitee signs up on the App, the Referrer shall receive Mr Voonik points worth 51

iii. The Referrer shall be able to redeem the points gained in sub-clause (ii) above within one hour of successful sign up. These points shall remain “on hold” throughout that time period.

iv. The Invitee shall be eligible to receive the referral reward, if and only if the following conditions are met:

• The device on which the Invitee downloads the App, must not have installed the App earlier
• The Email ID and/or Phone number through which the Invitee signs-up on the App, must not have been used for signing up on the App earlier
• The mobile number provided by the Invitee for receiving the OTP must not have been used for receiving an OTP for this program earlier
• The device on which the Invitee downloads the App should not be rooted or Jail-broken
• Neither the Referrer nor the Invitee should install the App using App Runtime for Chrome, Emulators or Simulators.

v. Upon successful sign-up and provided all the conditions above are met:
• The Invitee shall receive the referral reward within one hour of sign-up
• Mr Voonik retains the right, at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice, to modify this waiting period.
• The Invitee will be able to redeem these points immediately after receiving them. Mr Voonik retains the right, at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice, to modify this waiting period.

vi. For each case of referral, the Referrer shall be eligible to receive the referral reward, if and only if the following conditions are met:
• The Invitee in question meets all the eligibility criteria listed above in sub-clause (iv).
• The Invitee uses the referral code of the Referrer to sign-up with the app.

vii. Upon successful signup by the Invitee, provided all the conditions listed above are met, the Referrer shall receive the referral reward within 24 hours of the sign-up by the Invitee on the Mr Voonik platform, provided all the conditions listed above are met. Mr Voonik retains the right, at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice, to modify this waiting period.

viii. Customers of the App can send unlimited referral invitations through this program.

ix. Rewards under this program shall be given in the form of Mr Voonik points.

x. Usage/redemption of Mr Voonik points will be subject to the following terms and conditions:
• Mr Voonik points can be used only for making a purchase on the Platform. These cannot be taken as cash-back, or transferred to a bank account.
• Mr Voonik points cannot be transferred from one Mr Voonik account to another.
• These points need to be redeemed within 90 days from the day they become active, or else they will expire.
• Mr Voonik reserves the right to change/modify these usage criteria. In that event, the user shall be notified.

xi. Any fraud or abuse concerning the program is subject to strict administrative and / or legal action by us, including but not limited to reversal of referral reward and/or termination of membership. A fraud encompasses:
• If a user is found referring himself using multiple IDs or phone numbers.
• Any other attempt to take unfair advantage, as deemed by us, of the Terms.

xii. Participation in the Mr Voonik Referral Program may require you to submit personal information about you and the users you refer, such as name and email address. You agree to receive communications from us with regard to your participation in the Mr Voonik Referral Program, and to allow us to communicate with your friends about your participation (for example, by disclosing to your friends that an invitation was sent by you). Any information collected from you or your referred users as part of the Mr Voonik Referral Program shall be subject to Mr Voonik’s Privacy Policy.

xiii. We may terminate your eligibility for a referral bonus or terminate your account, or the accounts of Mr Voonik members you refer, if you or they take any of the following actions:
• Open multiple accounts, including with different email addresses, for the same person in order to generate additional referral rewards.
• Refer customers using spam, display advertising, sponsored links, unsolicited e-mails, or links on message boards or forums.
• Use false names, impersonate other people, or otherwise provide false or misleading information to us.
• Offer incentives to others to sign-up with Mr Voonik using your referral code.
• Violate these terms or any other terms and conditions on Mr Voonik.
• Participate in the Mr Voonik referral program where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable law or regulations.

xiv. We reserve the right in our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to you to add to, remove or otherwise change the terms of this program, including but not limited to:
• Modifying the amount of the referral rewards.
• Modifying the eligibility criteria for the Invitee and/or the Referrer.
• Modifying when the referral reward is given to the Invitee and/or the Referrer.
• Modifying how you may use the referral rewards earned through this program.
• Requiring minimum purchase amounts for redemption of referral reward.
• Instituting a cap on the maximum number of successful referrals for which the Referrer earns rewards.
• Modifying the maximum amount of referral rewards that one may earn.
• Discontinuing the Mr Voonik referral program entirely.

xv. We may post an updated version of these terms on the App or our website, and you shall be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to use the App or the Mr Voonik referral program after the date such changes are posted.

xvi. This is a limited period offer and is subject to change, at the sole discretion of Mr Voonik.

xvii. Mr Voonik reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel, update or withdraw this Program at any time without notice. Upon such premature suspension, inconvenience, cessation, withdrawal, termination or closure by the Company, no person shall be entitled to claim loss of any kind whatsoever.

xviii. This program is valid only on the Platform, and not on any other website/mobile application that may be run by Mr Voonik.

xix. Any customer making use of the referral program described herein agrees to be bound by all the policies and conditions applicable to users on Mr Voonik, including the “Privacy Policy” and other relevant documentation that are available on Mr Voonik Mobile App/website.

xx. All disputes arising out of the referral program shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Bangalore, India.

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