Flipkart Free delivery trick – bypass delevery charges in flipkart

Heya welcome back to coolztrick.com so today we will talk about bypassing delivery charges in flipkart the trick is fully legit risk free and verified by us

Trick to get free delivery in Flipkart :-

  • Login to your flipkart account add the product which you need see that the product is fk assured product
  • Add any of the assured product like watch,earphones
  • Proceed to cart now you have 2 products
    -one is needy product
    -second is some random product
  • Now place the order by completing your details
  • After placing the order just cancel the second product
  • Wait for some after canceling (some time wont update)
  • boom check the final bill amount you get free delivery

The trick only works with cod orders see that the product is F assured.

Fast Conclusion about Flipkart Delevery bypass:-

  • just select a product which needed add to card select any random F assured product place the order.


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