How to Book Free Oxygen Concentrators on Ola App?

Free Oxygen Concentrators

Are you looking for free oxygen Concentrators? there’s great news for you then. ola along with give India is all set to Free Oxygen to the needy in India.

Ola Foundation has started the O2forIndia initiative in partnership with GiveIndia NGO from 10th May 2021. in this top, we are sharing all the information for How to Book Free Oxygen Concentrators on Ola App in this short read.

This service will start in Bangalore this week and will expand to more cities from next week. This week, it is expected to deliver around 500 concentrators in Bangalore. Besides, Ola plans to deliver upto 15,000 oxygen concentrators across India.

How to Book Free Oxygen Concentrators on Ola App?

You can Book Free Oxygen Concentrators on Ola App from anywhere in India. Follow the below steps for a successful booking. You can also contribute in this initiative by making a donation (any amount) via the app. This will help Ola and GiveIndia to increase the concentrator quantity and reach.

Download OLA For Android   Download OLA For IOS

  1. Download the OLA Mobile app from the play store.
  2. Allow the app to your location access
  3. Visit the ‘Oxygen for India’ section.
  4. Fill in your basic profile information and submit it.
  5. In some minutes, you will receive a notification on email and app regarding your request.
  6. If Ola finds your request genuine then you will receive a confirmation.
  7. That’s it!

“You can request concentrators on the Ola app. Once validated, we will deliver it to your doorstep and pick it up back once you no longer need it,” Mr. Agarwal said.

Make sure that you ask for Oxygen Concentrators only if you need them currently, and not for future needs. This is because if Ola finds any false practices, you may have to face legal action which includes sentence as well as penalty.

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