Best 5 Buy Now Pay Later Apps | Get Instant Credit Limit Upto 2 Lakh

In this era of credit cards, there are so many people who don’t have any credit cards, because it’s not easy to get a credit card. if you have a good cibil score. and minimum a good amount of salary then you will get easily a credit card from your bank. but there are so many people and students who don’t have a good cibil score and salary. for those people, you can get a free credit card. Yes, it’s possible and too easy to get right now. in this post we will share about, Best 5 Buy now pay later apps. where you can get an instant credit limit of up to 5 Lakhs.

Best Buy Now Pay Later AppsCurrently, Pay later apps are more popular than credit cards. and it’s super easy to get and the best thing about pay later apps are you can convert your remaining amount into EMI. Best Apps for buy now pay later in India.

Key Features of Pay Later Apps

  • Free instant credit for everyone without any income proof or cibil score.
  • Just Signup With your number and Submit Pan or Aadhar for KYC Simple.
  • Spend today and pay next month.
  •  Scan and Pay – Scan QR codes to pay at shops anywhere.
  • Just buy now, and pay later with no-cost EMI options. Get credit that’s easy, instant, and stress-free.
  • Get an Instant credit limit of upto 5 Lakh.
  • it doesn’t require any credit card.
  • Buy Now Pay Later/ Pay Next Month.
  • Convert your remaining amount into EMI.
  • lifetime free.
  • No annual fees.
  • No hidden charges.

1. LazyPay

Best Buy Now Pay Later AppsLazypay is one of the best pay later app in India. I’m personally using Lazypay and it recently launched LazyCard. which is the part of Laypay so far. at the signup, I only get a 1,000Rs credit limit. but after activating LazyCard my credit limit increased to direct 10k.

Best Features of Lazyapy

  • You even get online loans with instant approval
  • Just buy now, and pay later with no-cost EMI options. Get credit that’s easy, instant, and stress-free.
  • You can even use your LazyPay credit to pay at any shop that accepts UPI payments!
  • You can scan UPI QR codes to pay using LazyPay Credit online & at shops everywhere. LazyPay referral code 2022.
  • Assume You’ve purchased over Rs. 3000, you can convert it into easy EMIs.

   How To Apply For LazyPay

2. PostPe 

Best Buy Now Pay Later AppsFor daily life using postpe is the best pay later app at the current time in India. PostPe is the product of the BharatPe App. whenever you go to any shop you must have seen BharatPe QR Code in every particular shop. more than Phonepe and Paytm. After signup on PostPe, You will get an instant credit limit of 2,000 INR. Now for small kind of shopping for daily users use the postpe app and pay next month. PostPe is only applicable on BharatPe QR Code.

Key Features of PostPe App

  • India’s first QR Credit App is here.
  • Shop online or in-store, pay next month.
  • PostPe Provide you interest-free credit for 30days
  • And The best features you can convert your bill into EMI
  • Scan and pay: Shop now and pay next month Using QR
  • PostPe Card – it can be used anywhere for online and offline shopping.
  • Cashbacks and rewards after every transaction
  • Easy EMI – Convert your bill into lowest interest Easy EMI
  • 3, 6, 9, 12 months EMIs on everything.
  • No charge – No annual fee, absolutely no hidden charges

   How To Apply For PostPe

3. Slice 

Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Free Credit Card for all Users Without Any Income proof or CIBIL Score. If you are a student or a teenager and looking for a credit card. then it’s the best card for you. slice India’s best credit card challenger. Slice is a truly no-fee VISA card designed to help you buy stuff and pay later whenever you want. Slice offers a credit limit from ₹2K to ₹10 lakh and helps you improve & build your credit score.

Key Features Of Slice

  • NO annual fees.
  • NO joining fees.
  • NO hidden charges.
  • Credit Limits that touch skies: from ₹2k – ₹10L.
  • Get up to 2% cashback on every transation.
  • You can slice your bills over 3 months for free.

   How To Apply For Slice Card

4. Simpl 

Buy Now Pay Later AppsSimpl is one of the simple and cleanest payy later app I have ever used. you will gert instant credit limit on simple. for daily shopping and zomato, swiggy etc simpl the best option for you. spend this month and pay all payment next month.

Key Features of Simpl

  • Signup  and get free instant credit limit up to 25,000
  • Quick and easy payment: Pay using Simpl with just one-tap, within seconds!
  •  Buy Now & Pay Later: Simpl provides a cycle of 15 days to repay your bills.
  • Zero Fees or Interest.
  • Quick Refunds: In case of order cancellation, you don’t have to wait for your refund for days!

   How To Apply For Simpl

5. Jupiter Edge – Pay Later App

Jupiter Bank is one the the Most Popular virtual bank in India. last month jupiter launched there pay late app. named Jupiter Edge. Download And Get up to RS.20,000 Credit Limit within a minute. Shop Anywhere Online/Offline. Jupiter Edge comes with No interest, no hidden charges. Shop now and Pay in 15 days.

Key Features Of Jupiter Edge

  • UPI Now, Pay Later.
  • Scan to pay offline + online.
  • Repayment within 15days without any intarest.

   How To Apply Jupiter Edge

Final Words –  In My opinion, if you have money never use these PAY LATER APPS. The main moto of These pay later apps is falling users into debt. and then charges highly percentage commission. All these Pay later apps’ Main revenue source charges. late payment highly percentage charges. So if you cant purchase a product for the price because you don’t have money so you used these buy now pay later apps. it simply means you can’t afford that. and if you can’t afford any products there’s no shame in that. but it doesn’t mean you need to use these pay later apps. BUY NOW PAY LATER IS TRAP. from the last 5/10 years you definitely heard about EMI word. this is the SAME TRAP.

But now comes with the best part of these pay later apps. if you’re a good salaried person and earn a good amount of money at the end of the month. then these are the best apps for you. use it the whole month and at the end of the month you know you are capable to pay all expenses. one more best part. YOU DONT NEED TO PAY the Whole amount at the same time. you can convert your expense into EMI and in this post, I have shared the Top 5 Buy Now Pay Later Apps. where you can convert & pay in EMIs without any extra penalty charges.

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